TIMM is the first mobile telemedicine unit real-time connected to an expert site.

An innovative eHealth concept for rural and urban areas which are medically isolated in France and all around the world.

  • A solution to medical desertification and for home support.
  • Medical tele-imaging and teleconsultation services via a platform of telemedicine and a satellite internet connection.
  • Substantial savings by considerably reducing journeys.
  • A significant comfort in terms of access to care and prevention.

TIMM revolutionises local care services and enables the development of preventive actions and home support.

MELODY, the remote controlled tele ultrasound robot.

The remote ultrasound system enables one to perform an examination without an expert on the patient site.


The only breast tomosynthesis technology with superior clinical performance proven in 2D mammography, it delivers exceptionally sharp images.


Diabetic retinopathy screening, which is a national priority, affects more than 400 000 persons in France.


TIMM is equipped with a flat panel detector which provides immediate digital X-ray imaging.


TIMM is equipped with a lightweight digital dermatoscope (C-Cube 2) that combines innovation and high performance.

Satellite internet access

The TIMM solution is transferable to other regions of the world with some adjustments to identify.

Self-sufficient in energy

A group of 12 batteries of 24V5kWh combined with five converters enables to supply power for the medical and computer equipments of the vehicle all day long.

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