TIMM proof of concept

TIMM is the result of a collaborative work between 7 industrial and institutional partners who are members of the TIMM Consortium.

Successfully tried and tested at the Lannemezan Hospitals

TIMM proof of concept

The TIMM demo vehicle consists of two teams

In the truck :

  • a truck driver / a caregiver
  • an X-ray operator
    (occasionally a nurse to perform fundus photography)

In the coordinating centre :

  • a medical secretary
  • a computer engineer
Lannemezan Hospitals

Initiating TIMM and its equipment

The implemention of TIMM on site is meant to be simple and intuitive.

  • Mobile unit and liftgate opening,
  • Equipment powering up and initiating,
  • Automatic deployment of the satellite antenna,

The process is completely achieved in less than 30 minutes by the TIMM team.

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