Telemedicine platform

The networking system between TIMM and the experts relies on the CTM telemedicine platform.

This multidisciplinary platform has been designed to provide health professionals with a tool combining ergonomy, reliability, confidentiality and security from a coordination team which helps both people on the ground and decision-makers in their daily task.

CTM implements an integrated and national platform of telemedicine which is physically deployed in a certified hosting provider for health data and accessible exclusively through a dedicated private network.

This professional platform is particularly reliable, secured and intuitive. It is based on the latest modern technologies. On a full-time basis 24/7 monitoring and maintaining, it has never had an unscheduled service outage since its launch in May 2008.

More than 200 000 patients have been taken care of in 5 years thanks to the solutions implemented on the platform. So far, it mainly enables health structures to have access to specific applications (tele-imaging and telemedicie) for:

  • teleophthalmology (diabetic retinopathy and AMD screening for example)
  • teleradiology (programmed activity and PDS ) including mammography
  • teleneurology (CVA)
  • teledermatology (wound care follow-up)
  • RCP and staffs
  • medical video conferencing (teleconsultations and teleexpertises)
  • telemedicine platform
Telemedicine platform